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About the Sundar Prize

The first-ever annual Sundar Prize Film Festival is going to be held at Centre Stage at Surrey City Hall.The Sundar Prize Film Festival, set to take place on June 15 and 16, 2024, at Centre Stage in Surrey City Hall, promises a cinematic extravaganza showcasing carefully curated films that excel in various categories. These films not only offer an unforgettable viewing experience but also tackle pressing social issues, championing causes that drive social impact and change. The festival kicks off with a Filmmaker Reception on Opening Night, connecting industry professionals from Metro Vancouver, and concludes with a Community Reception for the public. Red carpet glamour, delectable food trucks, and engaging Q&A sessions add to the allure. With cash prizes, diverse screenings, and a filmmaker-centric ethos, this festival is a celebration of cinematic excellence, inclusivity, and social impact.


Festival Values

The official film festival for the Sundar Prize is based on the following core values:The official film festival for the Sundar Prize is based on the following core values:


Films – To bring the best films from around the world to the heart of Surrey City Centre

Filmmakers – To compensate the winning filmmakers fairly and recognize their work

Tickets – To ensure low-barrier access with affordable ticket pricing

Venue – To host the event at a public venue at the iconic, landmark Centre Stage at Surrey City Hall

Location – To host the event at a central location near public transportation and Skytrain

Accessibility – To ensure the event is as accessible as possible for people with disabilities

Subtitles – To ensure films that are screened at the festival that are not in English have English subtitles

Sustainability – To aim to make the festival as eco-friendly as possible

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