Where Cinema Meets Social Change


Our mission is to recognize and showcase films that use impactful and informative storytelling to raise awareness and inspire action on critical social causes and issues. We aim to celebrate filmmakers who are committed to creating positive social impact and promoting empathy, understanding, and social justice. 


We Connect Filmmakers and Audiences for a Transformative Cinematic Experience.


Films with any theme are welcome but we encourage filmmakers who showcase the following communities and causes:


      • Human Rights
      • Immigrants and Refugees
      • Social Justice Issues
      • Indigenous Peoples
      • People of Colour
      • LGBTQ+ Community
      • Vulnerable and Marginalized Peoples
      • Environment and Climate Change
      • Educational Films


Our vision is a world where film is a powerful tool for social change, where diverse communities and causes are represented and celebrated, and where impactful storytelling inspires action towards a more just and equitable society.


      • Inclusivity: We believe in creating a space that is welcoming and safe for all filmmakers and audiences, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, or ability.
      • Empathy: We value films that promote understanding, compassion, and empathy towards marginalized communities and social issues.
      • Authenticity: We value films that accurately and respectfully represent the experiences and perspectives of the communities and causes they portray.
      • Impact: We believe in the power of film to inspire action and create positive change in the world.
      • Creativity: We celebrate the artistry and innovation of filmmakers who use their craft to tell compelling stories and shed light on important social issues.


      • Films: Our festival is dedicated to bringing the best films from around the world to the heart of Surrey City Centre. We will strive to showcase diverse stories and perspectives, celebrating the art of filmmaking in all its forms.
      • Filmmakers: We recognize the hard work and dedication that goes into creating a film and aim to compensate our winning filmmakers fairly. We will acknowledge and celebrate their achievements, providing a platform for emerging and established filmmakers alike.
      • Tickets: We believe that everyone should have access to the magic of cinema. Our festival will ensure low-barrier access with affordable ticket pricing, making it accessible to all members of our community.
      • Venue: Our festival will be hosted at the iconic, landmark Centre Stage Theatre at Surrey City Hall. We will provide a welcoming and professional environment for all attendees, ensuring that they feel valued and appreciated.
      • Location: Our festival will be located at a central location near public transportation and Skytrain, making it easy for attendees to access from all parts of the city.
      • Accessibility: We are committed to ensuring that the event is as accessible as possible for people with disabilities. We will work with our venue to provide a barrier-free experience for all attendees.
      • Subtitles: We understand the importance of language and the role it plays in storytelling. We will ensure that all films screened at the festival that are not in English have English subtitles, allowing all attendees to fully engage with the films.
      • Sustainability: We believe in taking care of our planet and aim to make our festival as eco-friendly as possible. We will work with our venue and partners to reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainability.

The Sundar Prize Film Festival is a proud member of the Film Festival Alliance which aims to create a collaborative global community for mission-driven film festivals.