Entry Fee
Entry fees are not refundable.

Multiple Entries
Multiple entries are permitted in all categories as long as the film has been released within the last two years after December 25, 2020.

Cash Prizes
Cash prizes are issued in Canadian currency only. Payment is made via email transfer or PayPal in Canada, and via PayPal only outside of Canada. Neither Sher Vancouver LGBTQ Friends Society (“Sher Vancouver”) nor its affiliates are responsible for any government taxes or withholdings related to the allocation of prize money; such responsibility is solely that of the prize winner.

Selection Process
Official Selections are shortlisted by a jury from all the films submitted. Out of the official selections, five films in each category that rank and score the highest by the jury become a Finalist. Of those finalists, one Award Winner is selected in each category by a separate independent jury. Decisions made by the jury are final and are not open to arbitration.

Festival Screenings
Only the five Award Winners in each of the five categories are screened at the film festival.

Alumni of the Sundar Prize can request a full fee waiver code by emailing if they have previously been an official selection, finalist, or winner.

All films must be uploaded to FilmFreeway. Award winners must provide download access of their film on FilmFreeway. A download link to the film can also be emailed to

All non-English films must have burned in English subtitles

Film Assets for Finalists and Award Winners
The official trailer (YouTube link preferred), official poster, synopsis, and producer and director bio and photo must be emailed to for marketing and promotion purposes. This requirement is for finalists and award winners only.

Social Media and Website for Finalists and Award Winners

Please also send your film’s social media handles for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as the film’s official website by emailing This requirement is for finalists and award winners only.

Thank You Videos for Award Winners
The winners are required to submit a thank you video approximately 60 seconds long that is an MP4 file that can be used for marketing and promotion purposes. Please email This requirement is for award winners only.

Student Films
The director must currently be a student or submit a student film that was released within the last two years after December 25, 2020.

All entrants must ensure that appropriate clearances for copyright and personal rights required for public exhibition, marketing, and promotion of the official trailer and submitted film have been obtained. Failure to do so will result in the entry being disqualified. Upon selection, the entrant grants the Sher Vancouver, and its sponsors, supporters, community partners, and festival partners, the right to utilize publicity materials related to the film (i.e., press kits, posters, filmmaker profiles, stills, trailers, preview tapes, etc.) for promotional purposes in all mediums, including broadcast, print, and internet. By submitting a film, you indemnify Sher Vancouver and its affiliates, directors, officers, sponsors, community partners, festival partners, and other related persons from any and all liability resulting from your failure to comply with this section or any other such breach of the rights of a third party.  Furthermore, by submitting to Sundar you release Sher Vancouver from all risk and liability in the event of theft or breach of copyright of your materials while on Festival premises. The official trailer and clips from the film may be used in media interviews and other marketing and promotion of Sher Vancouver, the festival, sponsors, and community partners. The winning films will be screened at City Centre Library in Surrey, British Columbia before a live audience over two days.

The film has been submitted for consideration with the knowledge and consent of the Producer(s) and/or rights holders listed in the submission.

Participation in the Sundar Prize implies an understanding and acceptance of these regulations. Sher Vancouver reserves the right to change or modify these rules and regulations at any time without prior notice.


The Sundar Prize Film Festival is a project of the Sher Vancouver LGBTQ Friends Society.

Sher Vancouver is a registered charity in Canada that was originally founded as a social welfare group supporting LGBTQ+ South Asians in 2008. Our mission and mandate have since grown to include all friends, families, and allies in our community who need our help. For more information